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Get ready for the Sewing Bee, We have New Fabric now in stock...

Digital Print 100% Cotton Fabric From Malbers Fabrics

The new series of The Great British Sewing Bee is nearly upon us, it's back on our Screens again next Tuesday 21st May at 9pm for it's 10th series. Since the show first aired sales of Sewing Machines have rocketed and the popularity of sewing has become more mainstream than it has been for a long time.

As the popularity has taken off over the previous decade so too has the quality of the fabrics available especially with the Digitally Printed fabrics on which you'll find the patterns are much more crisp and the colours more vibrant than anything that was available before. So get ready to look and feel cool this Summer with our new selection of fabrics now in stock and ready to order.

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Cotton Poplin Floral Fabrics, But what's Poplin got to do with it...

   Floral Fabrics from Malbers Fabrics

Here at Malbers Fabrics we are ready to get you in the mood for Summer with our ever growing range of Floral Fabrics.

With Colours to suit every taste available in Polyester Cotton from as little as £2.99mt, 100% Cotton and Cotton Poplin which is very popular as not only is Cotton Poplin smooth to the touch but it is also Crease Resistant and very easy to work with, great for light weight summer clothing and those bright summery curtains you've all been meaning to make to remind you of your holiday in the Caribbean...

What's Poplin got to do with it... Try saying that without Singing it...

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Ticking, Over 1,000 years of use & still going Strong...

Ticking Fabric from Malbers Fabrics

With a Fabric that some claim is over 1,000 years old it's no wonder that Malbers Fabrics has such a wide range of 100% Cotton Ticking's available to order today.

But why choose the name Ticking all those years ago?

  • The name Ticking is likely to have originated from the Greek word - theke - this word refers to a Case or Covering.
  • The Original Ticking Fabric was a woven fabric made from Linen and later from Cotton it would have been much more dense and course than what we know today as it's primary purpose was to cover straw and feather mattresses. It had to be dense and strong to stop Straw and Feather Quills from sticking out of the inside of your mattress and that would really tick you off.
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We call it Hessian, but that's not always been the case...

Hessian or Burlap Fabric from Malbers Fabrics

To most of us Hessian is a familiar name of a rough natural sacking fabric with not much thought ever having been given to the origins of it's name until now.

Who would have thought Hessian once identified as something else...

  • Hessian was originally known to the world as Burlap originating from India as a course strong woven sacking material made most commonly from the Jute Fibres but also the Cotton and Sisal Fibres which gives the fabric various weaves from tight to visibly open.
  • The name Hessian originated from German soldiers who belonged to a German state named Hesse in the 1700s. What's that got to do with Hessian you may well ask?
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Ever wondered why Rainbow colours are used as a symbol for Pride?..

Pride Fabrics and Rainbow Fabrics from Malbers Fabrics

The Rainbow colours were chosen as a symbol for Pride to represent the LGBTQ Community by a man called Gilbert Baker who was a gay Artist. He wanted to create a symbol showing Diversity.

Each of the Rainbow colours stand for something different:

  • Hot Pink: Sex
  • Red: Life
  • Orange: Healing
  • Yellow: Sunlight
  • Green: Nature
  • Turquoise: Magic and Art
  • Indigo: Serenity
  • Violet: Spirit

Gilbert Baker was an openly gay man and drag queen and in 1978 designed the first rainbow flag. The first rainbow flag was flown on June 25th 1978 for the Freedom Day Parade in San Francisco. The first flags were made by hand by volunteers. The Rainbow flag was only truly established to represent the LGBTQ in 1994.

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So is Easter Bunny Actually a Hare after all & living it up on Easter Island?

Easter Fabrics and Easter Ribbons from Malbers Fabrics

Easter is nearly here but first of all Malbers Fabrics have this juicy little bit of info to share with you all

The tale of the Hare and the Island....

  • Yes as shocking as some of you may find the Easter bunny is actually a Hare, it was first brought over to America from Germany by German Immigrants in the 1700's as a story of a Hare that layed colourful eggs at Easter. Originally known as Osterhase (Easter Hare) in Germany. The Osterhase was first mentioned in German writings as far back as the 1500's.
  • Just as children are told every year that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole, Easter Bunny according to the Easter Bunny tracker is living his best life on Easter Island in the South Pacific where the remote nature of the island ensures that Easter Bunny gets plenty of privacy before he hops around the world once a year making his Easter deliveries.

So has Easter Island actually got anything to do with Easter?

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Think Valentine's day has always been Romantic think again...

Valentine's Day Fabrics and Ribbons from Malbers Fabrics

Valentines day is nearly upon us again so what better way to get ready for it than with a few facts about its grim beginnings along with some quality fabrics and ribbons for the big day available from Malbers Fabrics.

So who started valentines day?

  • Valentines day itself started life as a western christian feast day honouring one or more early saints named Saint Valentine, as far as anyone can tell and one of the most popular beliefs is that saint valentine of valentines day was one of 2 preachers named Valentine preaching in rome in the 3rd century one of these 2 was martyred on Febuary 14th 269 thus giving us the date and name for Valentines Day.

What had Valentine done wrong....

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Digitally printed Character fabrics straight from the Movies...

Paw Patrol Fabrics, Glamour Princess Fabrics, Mickey Mouse Fabrics, Minnie Mouse Fabrics from Malbers Fabrics

Bring your sewing projects to life with some Digitally printed fabrics straight from the movie screen with character fabrics available for every generation from Malbers Fabrics.

Why choose digitally printed?

  • Digitally printed fabric creates a very clear, crisp and bright image which is much more eye catching than a traditionally printed fabric.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse fabric is available in Digitally printed 100% cotton, Designs available include Mickey Love, Mickey Mouse Club House and Minnie and Friends. Fantastic for clothing, curtains, cushions and lots more sewing projects.

So how old is Mickey Mouse?

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Don't forget Burns Night 25th January 2024

Tartan Fabrics from Malbers Fabrics


The air crackles with anticipation, spiced with the scent of haggis and the lilting strains of bagpipes. It's that time of year again - Burns Night 2024 is upon us, a global celebration of Scotland's beloved bard, Robert Burns. From bustling ceilidhs in Edinburgh to intimate gatherings across the globe, this January 25th, prepare to raise a toast to the Bard and embrace the warmth of Scottish spirit.

And what better way to do so than adorned in the vibrant tapestry of tartan? Whether you're a kilt-clad aficionado or a newcomer seeking a touch of Highland charm, Malbers Fabrics has the perfect plaid to weave you into the festivities.

Dress the Part, Sing Your Heart:

  • For the piper's pride: Let your kilt sing with a bold Clan Campbell or the rich Stewart Royal tartan. Our luxurious wool options drape beautifully, echoing the windswept glens that inspired Burns' poetry.
  • The table's centrepiece: Transform your supper into a feast for the eyes with a tartan table runner. Our brushed cotton collection offers vibrant options like MacLehose or Black Watch, perfect for setting the scene for a hearty meal.
  • A toast to tradition: Raise your dram in style with a tartan sash, a touch of plaid close to your heart. Choose from classic designs like Dress Gordon or the contemporary Isle of Skye tartan, adding a splash of colour to your Burns Night attire.

Beyond the Haggis:

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Easter Prints

Malbrs Fabrics Easter Fabrics


Three new Easter prints on a good quality 100% cotton fabric. These 147cm/57" wide fabrics are great value at £9.20mt. The designs are soft and the fabric has a lovely drape, being easy to handle. Choose from the cutest bunnies, lambs and chicks you have ever seen. This adorable cotton fabric is digitally printed in Lancashire. Now is the time to get making the Easter bunting and tableware or trimming your Easter bonnets.

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Crafty Jaquards

malbers fabrics crafty jaquard fabrics blog

New in stock we have added Crafty Jaquards to our online fabric collection. These are just delightful fabrics and when you see them you'll surely want to buy them. Two beautiful fabrics that could be mixed and matched to make curtains or blinds with matching cushions or table covers. They are so soft they would also be ideal for clothing. Made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The patterns of sprigs and ferns are in a lovely shimmery silver grey and fit in perfectly with the grey theme of the moment. Add these fabrics to your collection ready for your next sewing project.
They are a nice wide width making them very economical to use at 140cm/55" width and the reasonable price of £10.99mt. Making them ideal to refresh your home for Spring!

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Classic Corduroy

An alternative to Denim is the versatile yet classic 100% cotton Corduroy in lots of different shades. This is a strong durable fabric ideal for fabric for all the dressmakers out there. You can make trousers, skirts and jackets. For all the crafters it's also ideal for cushions, bags and upholstery! The lines on corduroy are known as wales and they get the number of wales from how many ridges there are in an inch. We have in stock 8, 14 and 21 wale in a variety of colours and all available in good wide widths making it more economical to use. Even if you don't have a project in mind these Corduroys are a versatile addition to your fabric collection.

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Rose and Hubble


Rose and Hubble 100% cotton poplin ditsy prints are a popular range of fabrics for your collection. They are available in a range of delicate Spring colours. With a soft, smooth handle and great drape, this fabric is ideal for quilting, craft and clothing applications. With a smooth finish, these 100% cotton prints come in a weight perfect for both craft and clothing. This is a lovely cotton and ideal for lots of projects at a very reasonable price of £5.89mt. We also have a gorgeous good quality polyester cotton in a ditsy print at the great price of £2.99mt which is ideal for clothing and lots of other projects. Take a look I'm sure you'll be tempted for this spring.

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Durable Denim

With Spring in the air, our thoughts turn to summer clothing and new sewing projects. We have some lovely lightweight Denim fabric that comes in three shades, light, medium and dark. It is ideal for making shirts, blouses and dresses. Denim is also perfect for making home accessories such as cushions or curtains. Denim is a durable fabric, good for the environment and easy to wash and look after, plus it goes with everything you wear! These denim fabrics have a wide width of 148cm/58" and are very reasonably priced at £8.99mt. Take a look at our website and browse the other medium and heavyweight Denim that we stock.

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Malbers Fabrics have a variety of coloured Hessian fabrics in stock. Choose from a lovely fresh Yellow, Sand, Blue, Peacock and more. These are available at 96cm wide. We also have a natural uncoloured Hessian which is 100cm wide.
Hessian is a natural product, 100% coarse, strong Jute, suitable for many crafting projects including bags, gift sacks and artwork. The uncoloured hessian can also be used to protect delicate plants during the winter months. This is a great product to keep in your fabric collection ready for your next project.
Our extensive range of fabrics is available for posting right across the UK from our warehouse in North Devon.

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Queens Platinum Jubilee


In June of this year, we will be celebrating Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee, that's an incredible 70 years on the throne. Her Majesty will be thrilled to have the country celebrating with her. 
Here at Malbers Fabrics we have a selection of Union Jack Fabrics and Ribbons ready to create your special decorations or clothing. Whether you're having a garden party, a street party or taking part in the Platinum Pudding Competition we have lots of red, white and blue to add those finishing touches. Bunting is a must! This is going to be a massive celebration so planning ahead is essential.
Follow the link below to choose your fabrics and ribbons.

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Tartan Fabrics

malbers fabrics burns night tartan fabric 2

As we wish each other Happy New Year we must not forget about the great poet Robert 'Rabbie' Burns who wrote greats such as 'Address The Hagis'. Burns Night is one of the main days of celebration in the Scottish calendar. Music, dancing and feasting on Haggis, Neeps and Tatties of course with lots of tots of whiskey. It is traditional to wear your own clan of Tartan fabric of which we have a great range. Royal Stewart, Black Watch, Skye, Menzies and Mcleod to name but a few and not forgetting the tartan ribbon that we have in stock. These rich fabrics are perfect for clothing, scarves, table runners or other homewares. So get those machines buzzing and enjoy the celebrations.

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Sale Time

malbers fabrics sale jan 22

Malbers Fabrics are offering 10% discount right across our website until January 22nd 2022. 
Use discount code jan22 at the checkout to get the discount off your entire order over £10.00.
A great opportunity to stock up on patterned fabrics, plain fabrics, upholstery fabrics, haberdashery supplies and more.
Click the link below to browse.
Don't forget to use code jan22 at the checkout to get 10% off your order as long as you spend over £10.00.

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Haberdashery Gifts

malbers fabrics scissors gh98 9901

If you are stuck for those last-minute stocking fillers this Christmas look no further than on our extensive haberdashery section for great ideas. How about Fiskars Razor Sharp Scissors in 21cm or 23cm lengths. Remember to only use fabric scissors on fabric and not paper as this will blunt them. Do this and they will last you for many years. Another great idea is a Rotary Cutter and customers say once you've used one of these you'll wonder how you managed before. We have two good quality ones to choose from along with the extra blades to stash away and then of course you would need a Self Healing Cutting Board to make the set complete. What a wonderful present that would be for the dressmaker/crafter/upholsterer in your life.

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Malbers Fabrics Winceyette Blog

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning in a snuggly warm nightshirt or pair of pyjamas. Sounds bliss, doesn't it? Why not make your warm winter nightwear using our range of 100% cotton Winceyette in a range of plain colours starting at £3.99mt. We also have a Tartan pattern or Floral print to choose from. Lovely soft cotton with a brushed texture gives that comfortable feel suitable for the whole family. These fabrics make great gifts. For the bigger sewing projects, there is a very wide at 150cm / 59" wide at a very reasonable price of £5.99mt. Have a browse and plan your winter warmer makes ready for Christmas.

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