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Malbers Fabrics Winceyette Blog

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning in a snuggly warm nightshirt or pair of pyjamas. Sounds bliss, doesn't it? Why not make your warm winter nightwear using our range of 100% cotton Winceyette in a range of plain colours starting at £3.99mt. We also have a Tartan pattern or Floral print to choose from. Lovely soft cotton with a brushed texture gives that comfortable feel suitable for the whole family. These fabrics make great gifts. For the bigger sewing projects, there is a very wide at 150cm / 59" wide at a very reasonable price of £5.99mt. Have a browse and plan your winter warmer makes ready for Christmas.

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Luxurious Velvet

We all know Velvet as a soft, luxurious fabric that is perfect for creating homewares such as cushions and curtains as well as being a beautiful dressmaking fabric. Imagine that Christmas Day dress or jacket that only you have. Velvet has an elegant drape and a unique soft and shiny appearance due to the characteristics of the short pile fibres. The colours we stock are jewel like in appearance.
Choose from 100% Cotton Velvet at the great price of £8.49mt 112cm / 45" wide or Crushed Velvet at £3.99mt / 150cm / 59" wide.
In the large majority of cases, Crushed Velvets are stretchy, either because they contain elastane or because their base is knitted and not woven. They are generally made out of polyester.
Both Cotton and Polyester Velvets are suitable for Upholstery projects due to their durability.

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Winter Wool

Now the night's are drawing in and Winter is upon us how about making yourself a warm skirt or coat. We have a great selection of 100% wool fabrics that are nice and cosy for the Winter months ahead.
Humans have been washing, weaving, and wearing wool since 10,000 BCE. It's certainly a material that has stood the test of time and is as popular as ever. Wool has been used for many projects such as clothing, interior decor, textiles and carpets. It is available in many colours, patterns and weaves. When making clothing from wool fabrics consider using a good quality lining material for extra comfort.
Wool fibre is soft and durable so any clothing you choose to make will serve you well for years to come.
Sewers of any standard will find wool fabrics easy to handle. So head over to our wool section now and choose a fabric for your next project. 

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Cosy Corduroy

Malbers Fabrics Corduroy

Corduroy is one of those sturdy, reliable fabrics that sewers tend to take for granted. A cousin of velvet (the original French cord du roi means “king’s cord”), this is a fabric we think of today more in connection with children's clothing rather than garments for everyone. But current fashion designers are taking a new look at this affordable staple and savvy sewers should too. Corduroy is soft and very easy to work with.
The ribs, or wales, are what gives corduroy its distinct quality and the number of wales lets you know what kind of cord you’re dealing with. When you see a wale number given it’s telling you there are that many ribs per inch so the higher the wale number the finer the wales will be. Classic Corduroy typically has 14 wales per inch.
It has a warm and cosy feel so it is ideal for clothing for the Autumn or Winter. Here at Malbers Fabrics we have a great range of different corduroys in a variety of colours for you to choose from.

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Christmas Fat Quarters

Fat quarters are ideal for all those small Christmas projects that you are making. We have a selection of mixed festive designs for you to choose from.
Fat quarters are traditionally used for quilting as they are 100% cotton, soft and easy to work with. A Christmas quilt would be a fabulous gift, starting a tradition to be brought out each year. We stock everything you need to complete a project like this from measuring and cutting to backing and padding.
Or why not try making some re-usable Christmas crackers, table mats, napkins or Christmas decorations and give them as presents for those friends that are difficult to buy for.

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Christmas Fabrics

Malbers Fabrics Christmas blog

Christmas is coming and the sewing is really picking up a pace now. You may need some lovely Christmas fabric for all the gifts and decorations you are making. The great news is that this year we have expanded our range to similar that of our large fabric shop we used to have in Barnstaple, Devon. We have Glitter Stars, Trees and Tartans in two different sizes among many many more amazing, colourful designs. They come in reds, greens, creams and also blue with snowflakes which goes perfectly with silver accessories. Some are extra wide at 135cm / 53" making them ideal for tablecloths and napkins. So why not go to town with your Christmas makes this year especially as we all missed Christmas last year.

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Advent Calendars

Fancy making your own Advent Calendars and Christmas Stockings? If so you need to be starting early if you want to pad and quilt them for a finish that will stand the test of time.
Many of our customers make them for their children or grandchildren and they are brought out year after year as part of the family Christmas traditions. Some have made it into adulthood and still get them out every year. You can do as much or as little as you want to them. Why not personalise them to make them extra special.
We have just added two new stocking panels from the Bernatex range 'Better Not Pout' and they are beautiful, plus a new advent calendar in traditional Christmas colours all at very reasonable prices.
We also have an extensive range of Christmas Ribbons and Bows to choose from.
So what are you waiting for? Time to get started.

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Cosy Fleece

Malbers Fabrics Fleece

With the night's drawing in and Autumn in full swing it's time to think about getting cosy and warm. We've got a lovely selection of Anti Pil Fleece fabric in stock, available in 12 different colours. This fleece is lovely and thick, ideal for dressing gowns, outdoor clothing and blankets or throws. Being quick to wash and dry means this fleece is very easy to care for. The fact that it doesn't fray when cut makes it ideal for winter scarves and many other cosy sewing projects. Great for making Christmas presents like dressing gowns or hot water bottle covers. 

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Popular Ticking Fabrics

malbers fabrics cotton ticking colours

Back by popular demand these lovely Ticking fabrics in 6 different colours. Ticking Stripe fabric is usually made from 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and linen yarns in a herringbone weave. Traditionally Ticking fabrics were used underneath upholstery projects but we've come to love these classic striped patterns so believe they should be shown off. In a ticking stripe, you have the central coloured broad stripe with a thin stripe on either side usually in the same colour – this gives the illusion of a wider stripe. Stripes are 8mm. The width is 137cm / 54" and the weight is 196gsm. We have in stock some lovely colours of Pink, Marine, Denim, Grey, Red, and Olive all of which are ideal for making blinds, cushions, bags, bunting, and lots of other projects.

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Ribbons Galore

Malbers Fabrics Tartan Ribbon

Those of you who visited our shop in Boutport Street, Barnstaple when we had it will remember the thousands of metres of Ribbon we had. The selection was incredible. Well, now we are adding those ranges to our website. As you can imagine this takes a considerable amount of time so you will have to check back regularly to see more styles, designs and widths. We have Velvet Ribbons, Plain Ribbons, Patterned Ribbons, Gros Grain, Metallic, Wedding Ribbons, whatever your latest sewing project we're sure you'll find a suitable ribbon to add that special finishing touch.
We are hoping to have a great range of Christmas Ribbon on here very soon. We have already added a good selection of Tartan Ribbon in lots of different widths but there are a lot more to add yet!
Whatever your clan, be it Macgregor, Buchanan, Rose Tartan or Dress Stewart these are just a few.

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Union Jack Fabric

If all the football etc has made you feel patriotic, then maybe you'll be looking forward to next year when we have the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth ll. Maybe you're planning a garden party with friends and family. Or perhaps a visit to London to take in the atmosphere of the celebrations. Whatever your plans, have a look at the Rose And Hubble 100% Cotton Poplin Union Jack Fabric and be inspired in plenty of time. Ideal for bunting, tablecloths and clothing. It is also a very crease resistant fabric and very easy to sew. At £5.89mt a very reasonable price for a quality fabric which is very hard to beat.

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PVC Table Cover

With summer upon us and outdoor parties and barbecues what better way to keep your outdoor furniture stain free than using a bright and cheerful PVC table covering.
Being a PVC vinyl with a polyester backing these coverings are very low maintenance only needing a damp cloth to wipe up any spills. PVC coverings are useful for both indoor and outdoor tables. Nobody wants to be worrying about wiping up spills and while having a relaxing meal. They are also fabulous for protecting your tables when the little people in your life are painting or doing any other messy crafts.
It can be cut to size for your table. Available in 140cm / 55" wide so would fit most table sizes and is at a very reasonable price of £4.49 per metre.
In stock at the moment we have Red, Green, Blue gingham and a Grey and White spot.
For those of you needing to cut the covering to fit your table, we have scissors in our Haberdashery section.
So make your choice and enjoy a summer of fun times.

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Cotton Canvas Fabrics

malbers fabrics bags eda01

We have a lovely selection of Cotton Canvas fabrics in stock right now which are ideal for making your own unique bags, especially now that we are going for day trips to the beach and out and about shopping etc. Having your own reusable bags is much better for the environment than plastic and also much more stylish. A lovely customer has sent in these pictures of bags that she has made out of our products and we think they look great!
This is an excellent quality soft canvas that is very hard wearing and durable.
It's ideal for bags, dog bed's, curtains, cushions, upholstery and many more projects.
Why not line your bag with a Stripe Ticking to make it look super stylish?

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New Character Fabrics

Malbers Fabrics Character Disney R

Just arrived another two fantastic character fabrics to add to our growing collection.
100% cotton which is digitally printed to make the colours sharper and more vivid. Glamour Princess is a Disney print in a nice wide width of 140cm/56" wide. Can be used for clothing, curtains, cushions and why not try a bit of bunting for a bedroom or playroom, which could also be used to decorate a birthday party.
Also now in stock is a Timeless Treasure fabric, 100% cotton in Kidz Construction. As with all Timeless Treasure fabrics, the quality is excellent and the feel of the fabric is smooth and soft and a delight to handle. Can be used for clothing and home decor as well as lots of other sewing projects. Available in 114cm/45" wide.
Take a look we're sure you won't be disappointed.

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Lightweight Denim

Malbers Fabrics Lightweight Denim

These Lightweight Denim fabrics are ideal for the summer season and very hard-wearing. They are lightweight enough to make a summer dress, shirt, skirt or trousers and ideal for children's dungarees. Many of us enjoy wearing denim all year round but can find the heavier weight denim too warm in the summer. These lightweight types of denim are breathable so keep you cooler in the warmer months. What could be nicer?
These denim fabrics can also be useful when making bags and homeware accessories such as cushion covers.
Always allow for shrinkage with denim and be sure to wash separately.
Enjoy these great fabrics which are available in widths of 155cm and 148cm.

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New Florals

Malbers Fabrics April Floral Cottons

We have recently added these new floral 100% cotton fabrics to our ever-growing range of lovely cotton poplin fabric. This cotton is smooth which makes it easy to handle. This is useful for sewers of all abilities. Being easy to wash and crease resistant, these fabrics are perfect for dressmaking. Let's face it we all want easy care, everyday clothing and the less ironing we create ourselves the better.
The colours are very crisp and clear. They would all make lovely summer dresses with matching headband or face mask, this is all the rage at the moment. Why not use these fabrics for projects around the home to brighten things up in time for summer. If your thing is quilting they are ideal to quilt and there is lots of choice of colours to blend together.
They are a very reasonable price at £5.99mt and 45"/112cm wide.
This range is a great favourite with all our customers.

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Character Fabrics

We are excited to announce we now have a new Character Category on our website and there are plenty of Disney and character fabrics to choose from. We have just added 'Mickey Love' and 'Mickey Mouse Club House'. These lovely 100% cotton fabrics are top quality and have been digitally printed to make the images even sharper and brighter. These fabrics are ideal for quilting, bags, home decor and many more cute projects. Being made of 100% cotton they are very easy fabrics to work with. Take a look at our new category by clicking the link below and we are sure you won't be disappointed.
It's time to get creative for the little people in your life.

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Little Johnny Collection

Malbers Fabrics Little Johnny collection blog

More new fabrics in the 'Little Johnny Collection'. They just keep arriving and the designs are just delightful. Your children are bound to recognise these popular characters.
In stock now is 'Peppa Pig' having a great time on the beach like we all will be hopefully before long. Also 'Hello Kitty' sitting among the rainbow's and clouds. See if you can spot her?
Then there is 'Hello Kitty Candy Floss' and Kitty is sat with a cute unicorn and it does all look like a candy floss dream.
You will have lots of fun making a wide range of gifts and products such as curtains, clothing and bunting with these fun fabrics.

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April Flowers

Malbers Fabrics April Flowers

Hello April Flowers.
Floral fabrics seem to be all the rage this year and more fabric designs have arrived.
These are John Louden fabrics and are very bright with a fresh and clear design. The quality of these fabrics is still top rate which is what you would expect from a company that has been established in Manchester since 1926. The cotton used for these fabrics is sourced from Korea where the best cotton in the world is produced.
kc20 is a lovely design of Watercolour Wildflowers on a white background and is truly delightful to look at and work with. kc68 is a blend of Oranges and Pinks which provides inspiration for some beautiful projects. They are 100% cotton and 60" / 150cm wide so can be used for clothing, home decor, quilting, bunting and weddings the list is endless.

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Jersey Fabrics

Spring is in the air and all the summer dresses will be in the shops shortly. Why not use these last few days of lockdown to make a pretty summer dress of your own?
In stock now is a gorgeous 100% cotton fabric from the 'Little Johnny Collection' in a beautiful floral design. The lovely bright colours appear incredibly crisp as this fabric is digitally printed. It is a good weight 220gsm with a nice stretch. Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex this fabric will be nice and cool to wear during the warmer weather that's on the way. 
If patterned fabric is not for you we have some John Kaldor jersey in 3 different colours which are 100% polyester and has a lovely drape and a good stretch.
So get those sewing machines out and running while you still have more time to create your perfect dress.
Make sure you have the correct needle for your sewing machine when using a stretch fabric. We have a range in our Haberdashery section.

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