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We call it Hessian, but that's not always been the case...

Hessian or Burlap Fabric from Malbers Fabrics

To most of us Hessian is a familiar name of a rough natural sacking fabric with not much thought ever having been given to the origins of it's name until now.

Who would have thought Hessian once identified as something else...

  • Hessian was originally known to the world as Burlap originating from India as a course strong woven sacking material made most commonly from the Jute Fibres but also the Cotton and Sisal Fibres which gives the fabric various weaves from tight to visibly open.
  • The name Hessian originated from German soldiers who belonged to a German state named Hesse in the 1700s. What's that got to do with Hessian you may well ask?
  • Well the soldiers in the state of Hesse wore uniforms made from the fabric Burlap and being from the state of Hesse they were known as Hessians. Ever since this Burlap fabric has been known by the name Hessian.

So is Hessian still popular in our modern world?

  • Yes being made from Natural Fibres, Biodegradable and being a very eco-friendly product Hessian is very much on trend and has many modern uses including upholstery, weddings (to give that rustic natural country vibe), bunting, bags and strong durable sacks (great for a variety of uses including storing potatoes and other veg from your garden ect) to name but a few. It has even been used by Artist's as a substitute for Canvas.

Now you've found out just how intresting the origins of Hessian are or should I say Burlap why not head on over to Malbers Fabrics where you will find a wide variety of Hessians available to order (the fabric not the soldiers at the moment) in tight or open weaves available in natural or a wide variety of colours perfect for if you want to get a bit of colour into your Hessian uniforms that i suspect you are all about to start stitching together now you've read this.....

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