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Ticking, Over 1,000 years of use & still going Strong...

Ticking Fabric from Malbers Fabrics

With a Fabric that some claim is over 1,000 years old it's no wonder that Malbers Fabrics has such a wide range of 100% Cotton Ticking's available to order today.

But why choose the name Ticking all those years ago?

  • The name Ticking is likely to have originated from the Greek word - theke - this word refers to a Case or Covering.
  • The Original Ticking Fabric was a woven fabric made from Linen and later from Cotton it would have been much more dense and course than what we know today as it's primary purpose was to cover straw and feather mattresses. It had to be dense and strong to stop Straw and Feather Quills from sticking out of the inside of your mattress and that would really tick you off.
  • Ticking has always had a reputation for being a strong and durable fabric and has had many other uses over the years including everything from Heavy Duty Aprons like the types worn by Butchers and Brewers and even Army Tents. Ironically the one place you probably won't find Ticking being used nowadays is on mattresses as Damask has now superseded Ticking in the world of Mattress production.

So why the Stripes...

  • The variety that has become most popular today and become known as Ticking Stripe originated in Nimes France. It is woven with a fine Herringbone Pattern and consists of basic Stripes traditionally in Blue or Red these stripes highlight the weave and it is made of either 100% Cotton or a Cotton Linen Blend.

There is now many different Tickings available in most colours and a variety of thicknesses for anything from Upholstery to finer Tickings great for Blinds due to the fact it's available in very wide 84" widths and even Duvet Covers to name but a few of it's many uses around your home.

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